Thursday, April 2, 2015


Time to revive the blog after a year! There are lots of goodies in the blog from the past. I always appreciate those who Follow my blog. The blog is also linked on my website here:!blogger-feed/cvo7

On Facebook I was responding to the question: "I am looking for an online calendar that can be sent by email to families . I want them to be able to schedule themselves in the calendar and be able to see what is available."

I use Google Docs (spreadsheets) for this. I'm posting a screen shot of Summer 2014's schedule for  Using the doc and sending it in April for all of my families to edit with their preferences really took away all the pain of summer scheduling! All of my families were very cooperative and nice about putting their selections in. I think several scheduled some extra summer lessons, too.

Here was my disclaimer: Please respect the slots already claimed and do not delete anyone from the schedule. Email me or phone me at 763-355-7306 if you have a problem. SUMMER POLICY ON ATTENDANCE: I will reschedule a lesson if you let me know ahead of time; if you miss a scheduled lesson with no notice, the lesson is forfeited.

Screen Shot of my whole summer schedule for 2014.

Here's a link so you can view it at readable size. Anyone with the link can view it.

Happy Scheduling! You may post questions in comments or on Facebook, or

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  1. for the past couple of years, I used Google Calendar in conjunction with the ScheduleOnce website. With SO, I was able to make appointment times available, and parents could see what was available and make "reservations". If I time slot got taken, it no longer appeared as available to other parents, but they couldn't see who else was in that slot (like your doc). If I decided to change my availability for a certain day, it was easy to go in and adjust the open time slots to accommodate my own plans.
    It's so nice to have access to online scheduling solutions that don't cost any extra money!!! Thanks for sharing your solution.